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Dropshipping terms and conditions

Last document update: 17 april 2020


Drop shipping is a retail fulfillment method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead directly tranfers End Customer orders and shipment details to either the Supplier, antoher Retailer/Distributor/Wholesaler who then ships the goods directly to the End Customer.

End Customer

The End Customer is paying the Vendor for the Products, and is the reciever of those Products.

Vendor’s Role

The Vendor is selling the mutually agreed Products and ensures Supplier that it will not make any misleading claims or produce any misleading advertising material in respect of the Products. Vendor is the only contact person of the End Customers. Vendor must provide After Sales support. Vendor is the only point of contact when any After Sales services need to be provided to End Customer.

Supplier’s Role & Services

Supplier will provide Product fulfillment for all sales obtained by Vendor in regards to any images of Products supplied by Supplier. Supplier is not involved in the actual transaction between the Vendor and the End Customer. Supplier is not the Agent of either the Vendor or the End Customer.

Supplier retains all rights to all images of Products Supplier provided to Vendor and retains the right to prohibit the use of any and all images provided. Vendor may not use any of the images contained within the provided photos for any other purpose other than to gain Sales, which will be given to the Supplier.

Supplier is responsible to provide the correct Price to the Vendor, the Supplier will provide the Vendor with details of cost increases and other relevant data.


Complete payment has to be made in advance before shipment by either Credit Card or banktransfer.

Sales and Tax

Vendor agrees that it is the sole responsibility of Vendor to collect, report and remit all taxes to the correct tax authority for all business transactions, sales or revenue from the sales of the Supplier’s products. Vendor further agrees that Supplier is not obligated to determine whether a sales tax applies and is not responsible to collect report or remit any tax information arising from any transaction involving the images or photos provided.

Return policy

Supplier will provide a 14-day return policy during which an End Customer may return an item that is undamaged in undamaged packaging. Supplier will have the right to refuse products and decline any credit refunding. Supplier will also provide a return/refund policy for any damaged or defective items as long as any claims are placed within the 14-days of the item being recieved. Vendor needs to inform Supplier in advance before returning products. Products returned withoutnotifying in advance will not be accepted. Supplier will not provide any policy for any claims placed on an item after 14-days of being recieved. Products returned without


Supplier does not insure any items. Vendor is responsible for transport/shipping insurance if requested. Supplier is not responsible for missing or damaged items, Vendor need to contact their own insurance. Supplier is not liable for any cost occuring from lost/delayed/damaged parcel/products.

Wrong address

Vendor is responsible to provide the correct address. Supplier will charge the Vendor any and all fees associated with a wrong address is provided. If reshipping is required, there will be a re-shipping charge equal to the original shipping charge added to the Vendor’s account. There will be a 25% restocking fee for all packages returned to Supplier because of a incorrect address/data being supplied.


Supplier is responsible or liable for the provided Materials and Products provided to End Customer.The warranty provided on these Products is valid if End Customer appear to have issues with provided Products, and the After Sales services provided by the Vendor are not sufficient.